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2024 Report: Portugal Golden Visa Gets No. 1

In a recent report released by Henley Partner, Portugal’s Golden Visa was name as the top Residency by Investment Program. Let’s take a Close look on this.

Portugal Golden Visa: Easiest and Quickest Way to Get EU Citizenship

Portugal’s Golden Visa program has consistently ranked as a top choice for investors. It got a full score of 10 for visa-free travel; 9 for quality of life; and 8 for tax regulations and reputations.

In 2023, the program underwent significant changes, notably shifting away from real estate investment options.

Investors can now look into venture capital and private equity funds, which have become the predominant choice due to their attractive potential for returns and the passive management style they offer. These funds focus on sectors such as technology, health, energy, tourism, and more, ensuring that investments contribute meaningfully to Portugal’s economic landscape​​​​.

But the biggest advantage of the Portugal Golden Visa is its relatively straightforward and easy path to citizenship. The fact that the applicants does not required to live in the country during the 5 years of legal residency is the top attractiveness of the program, and really, parallels can’t be found in similar programs. Plus, the updated citizenship law now counts the application period towards the five-year requirement, making the process faster compared to other programs.

Not needing to reside in Portugal during the 5 years of legal residency counting for the citizenship, means that applicants is not obliged to pay any global income as a non-tax resident. As even after they get their citizenship, if they continue to live out of Portugal, no tax is on any global income.

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Greece Golden Visa: Lower Investment Amount with Real Estate Option

While the Portugal Golden Visa garners acclaim for its benefits, the Greece Golden Visa remains a competitive option, mainly because it is one of the most affordable residency by investment program that provide access to Europe.

However, the cost of the Greece Golden Visa Program will increase from the current minimum investment of EUR 250,000 to a minimum of EUR 400,000.

Investors may still apply under the current EUR 250,000 minimum threshold, provided they pay a 10% deposit by 31 July 2024, and finalize the investment by 31 December 2024.

The Greek program allows investors several options, including real estate and funds. Like Portugal, achieving residency through this program also opens the door to eventually obtaining EU citizenship, albeit with a longer residency requirement of seven years​​​​.

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Both programs offer substantial benefits, but the Portugal Golden Visa currently holds a slight edge, particularly for those prioritizing a faster route to EU citizenship.

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