Portugal Citizenship by Investment: The Ultimate 2024 Guide

Since 2020, we’ve been guiding clients through the process of obtaining Portugal citizenship by investment via the fund route. Distinguished as experts in the Portugal Golden Visa investment fund application process, our team stands out from typical immigration agencies. Comprising mainly professionals from the finance industry, we possess in-depth knowledge of Portugal investment funds, their managers, backgrounds, and the industry as a whole. Engage in a conversation with us today to discover how we can navigate your path to Portugal residency through the Portugal Golden Visa investment fund market. Whether you’re looking into Portugal CBI or exploring diverse Portugal investment funds options, our expertise ensures a smooth journey towards securing your second passport.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Options


On October 7, 2023, a legislative change has been implemented concerning investments in Portuguese Golden Visa funds, imposing limitations on funds that are involved in real estate ventures.

Compilation of Funds for Portugal Golden Visa

Here is a compilation of funds that meet the criteria for the Portugal Golden Visa investment fund in accordance with the recent legal updates. These funds are designed to help you achieve Portugal citizenship by investment.

Investment Fund Requirement

The minimum investment requirement for Portugal Golden Visa, specifically through the fund route, is 500,000 euros. This amount allows investors to qualify for the Golden Visa, which grants Portuguese residency and potential eligibility for Portuguese citizenship after five years. Here are some key details:

  • Minimum Investment: 500,000 euros in a qualifying investment fund.
  • Eligible Funds: The funds must be registered and regulated by the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM).
  • Diversification: Investors have the flexibility to diversify their investment by allocating funds across multiple eligible options, thereby balancing risk and return.

Why choose the investment fund route for Portugal citizenship?

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Funds are easier to manage and liquidate compared to physical assets like real estate. It enjoys lower cost and allows diversification across various fund sectors. To gain a more in-depth understanding of the benefits of Portugal investment funds and the critical factors guiding your investment choices, please refer to our previous article: Some Fundamental Advantages of Fund Investments and How to Invest in Portugal Golden Visa Funds.

 Expertise in Portugal Citizenship by Investment

At The Golden Portugal, we are your go-to experts for obtaining your Portugal Golden Visa through the investment fund route. Unlike many other agencies that primarily deal with real estate, we have a longstanding commitment to the fund route. What sets us apart is our team’s wealth of experience and extensive connections within the financial and Portuguese fund sectors, making us a standout choice for your Golden Visa journey.

Client Profile and Success Rate

Take a look at our client profile for 2021, where almost 90% of our clients have chosen the fund route for Portugal residency by investment. This highlights the growing preference for Portugal CBI through investment funds.

Connect with Us

Connect with us to navigate the landscape of Portugal Golden Visa investment fund options. Acquire the knowledge necessary for making well-informed investment decisions aligned with your goals, and effectively manage risk and return in accordance with your unique risk profile. Our expertise in Portugal investment funds ensures that you receive the best guidance tailored to your needs, helping you achieve Portugal citizenship by investment efficiently and securely.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund List

| The Golden Portugal

Portuguese Energy Fund

A fund that invests in companies focused on the sectors of Energy production, Energy Efficiency and Cleantech.

| The Golden Portugal

Terra Nova

A fund that invest in agriculture and farmlands in Portugal.

| The Golden Portugal

New Frontiers Energy Fund

A fund that invests in Portugal’s renewable energy. Southern Portugal has the perfect climate with incredible hours of sun year round for solar farms

| The Golden Portugal

InVino Fund

A hospitality fund that invests in the first eco and wine tourism sector.

| The Golden Portugal

BlueCrow AgroBusiness Fund

Invests in Hydroponics for human and animal consumption in Portugal and Africa.

| The Golden Portugal

Pela Terra II Fund

Pela Terra II is a continuation of its first fund, which invests sustainable agriculture, and development/ harvesting of high value orchards

| The Golden Portugal

Container Fund

A fund that invest in companies with AI developments and research, and operational AI.

| The Golden Portugal

BlueCrow Finance Fund

A fund that invest in renewable energy in three continents.

| The Golden Portugal

BlueCrow Football Strategies Fund

Invests in football clubs in Portugal, France and Spain, mainly in 2nd and 3rd division.

Portugal Golden Visa Fund

Mercurio Fund

Invest in Portuguese SMEs and mid caps with a sound track record.

| The Golden Portugal

Optimize Fund

Invests in stocks and bond market. It’s diversification strategy aims at reducing the volatility over the long run.

Ando Living Fund hospitality business

Mercan Hospitality Fund

A fund that invests in tourism/ hotels in Portugal. Will have 3 hotels in the fund.

Inception scientific

Biovance Fund

Invests in biotech firms in Portugal with growth potential to create values for sell out to large pharma companies.

| The Golden Portugal

Sharing Fund

Invests in an educational project consisting two existing and two new international baccalaureate (IB) schools and a student residence. There is a put option that investors can exercise at year 6 or year 10 to get their principle back, with a cap on return of 4%.

| The Golden Portugal

Index Fund

A fund that invest companies specializing in
commodities such as gold, minerals, and natural resources, which can act as a hedge against inflation and market fluctuations. 

Porto apartments for Portugal Golden Visa 500k

JWP Fund

A fund that with no leverage that invests in hospitality and tourism including hotels, serviced apartments, student accommodation, senior homes, co-working spaces and so on.

Atlantic Fund 5-star Obidos Golf & Spa Hotel Resort

Portugal 88 Fund

A fund that invest Portugal tourism industry, mainly with airbnb operations. Investors can enjoy free stay in the airbnb accommodation per year. 

| The Golden Portugal

Tejo Fund

The fund invests in companies in renewable energy, focusing on energy production, solar farms, etc.

| The Golden Portugal

Atlantic Fund

A fund that manages the
5-star Obidos Golf & Spa Hotel Resort and serviced apartment.

| The Golden Portugal

Ando Living Fund

A fund that invest in hospitality business with a special focus in serviced apartments and short term stays.

| The Golden Portugal

Hotel Invest Fund

The fund invests in currently operating hotels, already managing 5 Luxury hotels.

| The Golden Portugal

Sixty Degree Fund

An open ended fund that invest mainly in Portuguese equities. Daily liquidity for redemptions.

| The Golden Portugal

Portugal Liquid Opportunities Fund

An open ended fund that invest in Portuguese stocks and bonds, and global equities.  Early redemptions allowed

| The Golden Portugal

Net Zero Fund

The fund invests in
diversified clean energy technologies such as wind, solar, hydro, renewable gases, storage, in different stages of investment and funding options.

| The Golden Portugal

Sierra International School Fund

A fund that invest in the building and operation of Sierra Canyon International School in greater Lisbon area.

| The Golden Portugal

Prosper Harbour Fund

A fund that invest in bonds and hybrid instruments with stable returns and downside protection.

| The Golden Portugal

ActiveCap Portuguese Growth Fund

A fund that invest in growth companies in Portugal, to provide capital to compete globally.

| The Golden Portugal

Golden Leisure Fund

A tourism fund that invest in
undervalued assets of the Portuguese countryside.

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