Hungary Golden Visa – The Complete Guide


Only invest after you get your application is approved. No risk in the application process. Guaranteed refund of consultation fees and processing fees if application is not approved.

Hungary Golden Visa

Main advantages is the low investment threshold, quick processing time (around 2 months), all process can be done remotely (even biometric), and investment is only done after getting approvals, so there is no risk of not getting the residency after investment.

It is the quickest and lowest risk golden visa in terms of immigration process. Also you don’t need to supply your criminal record for the application.

Part of EU
Part of Schengen
Residence Permit
€150,000 investment in property
No stay requirements
Dependent – Spouse, children and parents
Permanent residence: Reside for 2 years and 3 months within an 3-year period
Citizenship: Reside for 8 years
Public healthcare and education
Allow to start business, not allow to work

FAQ on Hungary Golden Visa

Qualified Investments for Hungary Golden Visa in 2023

Real Estate

Invest in a property in Hungary for 150,000 euros or more.

The investment is only made after your visa application is approved. You have 90 days to invest after getting your residence permit.

Hungary Golden Visa Application Procedures

After you have decided that Hungary Golden Visa is your ideal choice, you might want to start preparing for the application.  Below is an outline of the procedures for applying for the Golden Visa, step-by-step, to give you an idea of the process.  We understand there are major decisions to be made here, and dealing in Hungarian may make things more complicated, trust us that we are here to help you along the way.  

save time

Average Time For Application Submission (Step 1 – 6) :



Step-by-Step Application Procedures:

Step 1 – Initial Consultation

Begin with an initial consultation to assess your unique case and kick start the process by first half of the payment.

Step 2 – Gather Personal Documents

Gather all required documents for the application. We’ll provide guidance and prepare the necessary translation/ certification.

Step 3 – Application Submission

Your lawyer will submit your application and accompanying documents.

Step 4 – Biometrics

After receiving a notification, we will schedule an appointment for you to provide biometric information, including fingerprints and a photo. This part can be done in your nearest Hungary embassy/ consulate.

Step 5 – Approval

After getting approved, you will need to pay the final half of the fees, and you will get your resident card.

Step 6 – Make the Investment

Within 90 days after the approval, you will need to make an investment in a property equal or above 150k euros.

Apply Remotely

All process can be done remotely.

Documents Requirements for Hungary Golden Visa

Valid Passport: A current passport is essential.
Bank statement: The last 6 months bank statements with the latest account balance.
Education certification
Proof of Residence: Provide a copy of your driver’s license, a recent utility bill, or a recent bank statement.
Personal CV
Travel Insurance: One year travel insuarnce
Family Members’ Eligibility Documents: If you are including family members in your application, you’ll need to provide specific documents:
For the spouse, a marriage certificate.
For children, birth certificates (plus proof of student enrolment if they are over 18).
For dependent parents, birth certificates of the main applicant or the spouse.
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