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The Golden Portugal is specializes in getting your European residency and citizenship, offering investment solutions that meet the golden visa requirements, and managing all aspects of your settlement in the country. We are your all-in-one partner, taking care of every step on your path to becoming an EU resident.

Elevate Your Immigration Journey with The Golden Portugal.

At The Golden Portugal, we specialize in various European Residency by Investment program, offering a curated selection of properties and funds.

Originating with remarkable success in the Portugal Golden Visa program, and driven by the demand of numerous clients, The Golden Portugal is now extending its reach to include other European countries.

Based in vibrant Lisbon, our team is a blend of local residents and financial savvy expat professionals. This fusion of local insight, international experience, investment knowledge, a vast network, and exclusive partnerships ensures your journey to realizing your aspirations is smooth and successful.

Our vision is to bring you world class customer services and transparent information for your immigration journey, provide you with peace of mind and enable significant savings in your time and resources.

Discover the world of immigration through investment opportunities with us and embark on your journey to a brighter future.

Contact us today to initiate your transformational experience.

+351 933 106 667 
Avenida da República, n.º 49, 4 piso, 1050-188, Lisboa, Portugal

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Meet The Team

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Susana Yang

Founder and CEO

Susana is the visionary founder and driving force behind The Golden Portugal. A dynamic entrepreneur, Susana has navigated the company from inception to success, leveraging her extensive experience in various management roles at prestigious multinational corporations such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Banco Nacional Ultramarino (a subsidiary of Portugal’s largest bank, Caixa Geral de Depósitos), Standard Chartered Bank, Hang Seng Bank, and Huawei.

In 2018, Susana relocated to Portugal, embarking on a new and fulfilling career path in the immigration sector. Motivated by her own subpar experience with immigration services, she established The Golden Portugal with a clear mission: to establish a world-class consultancy firm to provide superior service and transparent information for those pursuing Europe’s Golden Visa program.

Susana’s academic credentials include a B.A. from the University of Toronto and an MBA from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She also completed the CFA Level III in 2012, underscoring her commitment to professional development.

Having lived, worked, and studied in diverse locations such as Hong Kong, Canada, Mainland China, Macau, France, and now Portugal, Susana embodies a global lifestyle. She frequently travels and resides between Europe, Asia, and North America, enriching her understanding of different cultures. Born with a Hong Kong passport and later acquiring Canadian citizenship, Susana is now on her journey to obtaining a Portuguese passport, reflecting her dedication to international citizenship.

At The Golden Portugal, Susana’s profound connection to diverse cultures and her unwavering dedication to global citizenship inspire both her team and clients. Her wealth of knowledge and personal experience make her an invaluable guide for clients on their Golden Visa journey.

| The Golden Portugal

Otávio Pavinato

Head of Legal

Otávio heads our legal team, offering extensive expertise in immigration law.

A member of the Portuguese Bar Association, Otávio has a broad background in legal affairs, specializing in residency and citizenship applications, real estate transactions, and other domains.

His qualifications are further enhanced by a Postgraduate Degree in Immigration Law from Autónoma Academy, building on his Master’s Degree in International Relations from Universidade do Minho.

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