Becoming A Portuguese Citizen Has Just Gotten Quicker! 2024

Great news on Portugal Golden Visa. The president has signed the new laws on the Portuguese citizenship.

The major positive change for Golden Visa applicants is that the 5 years clock for applying citizenship will start/ have already started ticking from the moment you submit your online application (when your application fee is paid).

This means that for most applicants who have submitted their applications from 2021 onwards, the wait to get your Portuguese citizenship has just been cut down 2-3 years!

This is a sweet moments for all current applicants who have been waiting for their first residence card.

Many clients have been asking how the mandatory 7-day annual stay will be calculated with this change of law. We expect to gain more clarity on the stay requirements by April or May when the legislations are published (within 90 days after the law has been enacted).

However, one significant current advantage for investors is the increased feasibility of including their children over 18 as dependents. Previously, having older children meet the three criteria—being single, enrolled in education, and financially dependent—for each renewal, which could extend up to seven years, posed a challenge for some. But now, as the path to citizenship has been shortened, these older children only need to maintain these conditions for approximately five years.

We have always believed that the Portugal Golden Visa is the best program in its category for obtaining a second passport, and recent changes have further solidified its position.

For those still contemplating the Portugal Golden Visa, there is no better time than now.  With the passing of the new citizenship law and the pre-approval and card issuance process finally moving forward after months of stagnation, the opportunity is ripe.

Additionally, since the timeline for obtaining citizenship has been unexpectedly shortened by 2-3 years for many of you.  I think it is time to start considering your A2 Portuguese level exam.

We will soon send out a newsletter on this topic.  It will include firsthand experiences with the A2 level exam, as our founder is set to take her A2 exams in May!  She is eager to share her preparations with you all.  

We have helped more than 500 families on their Portugal Golden Visa journey. 

We are also the pioneer firm to help clients to invest through funds back from 2020 until now. Come talk with us.

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