5 Reasons an Immigration Consultant Can Help You and How to Choose a Good One

The role of a Portugal immigration consultant is kind of like a contractor for refurbishing your home. You can of course hire your own plumber and electrician, and then carpenters to do the woodwork, and tradesmen to install your kitchen and bathroom. Or, you can hire a contractor and let the contractor orchestrate the whole process. Moreover, some people just hire a designer so that you could get professional advices and plans from the start to finish.

An immigration consultant would become increasing valuable as you progress with your application, investment decisions and preparing for your documents.

Here we will dive into more details about the role of a professional immigration consultant and how to choose one that could save you time and money on your immigration journey. 

What should I look for in an Portugal immigration consultant regarding the Portugal Golden Visa program?

1. Find a Portugal immigration consultant company that carries a variety of investment channels and options

Find your Portugal Golden Visa investments

This is very specific for the Portugal’s Golden Visa Program, where the main requirement is an eligible investment. In this arena, most immigration consultant companies, normally just carry one product or one product type. Meaning, they won’t be able to give you a very neutral advise for your specific situations and all the pros and cons on the available investment options out there. 

Why us?

The Golden Portugal has a unique proposition in that we carry a wide variety of investment product types such as real estates, funds, hotel buy back, and even company set up. At The Golden Portugal, we are prepared to help your decisions whichever investment type you choose, as our team of experts has great local knowledge and experiences in all investment options eligible for GV. 

We’re probably the best prepared company to walk you through the GV process, as most of the market players are almost exclusively focused on Real Estate. 

2. Choose a consultant that is located in Portugal

An immigration consultant that is located and well-connected in Portugal is important

Where is the consultant company based and how much do they know about Portugal should be one of the top questions when you search for a consultant. While the proximity of having a consultant near you may bring you some comfort, but there is no replacement for the benefits of having a consultant based in Portugal. Because local knowledge is one of the most valuable things an immigration consultant can provide. Portugal is a rather small country and a well-netted one, where relationship is utmost important. Having a consultant that is well-connected in the financial market (for fund investment) or the property market (for property investment) would benefit you immensely. 

Why us? 

The founding partners of The Golden Portugal are veterans in the financial sectors and / or property sectors in Portugal. We are very well-connected, and are able to offer local knowledge, and guidances on a variety of matters.

3. Choose a Portugal immigration consultant that is responsive

Your immigration consultant should be responsive to your queries. Someone who will guide you along the way and clarify your questions for you. An immigration consultant, should be able to help you clarify all your doubts and make sure you and your investment are eligible for the Golden Visa, before they take your case. While you can get a lot of information out there on the internet, not every piece of those information are correct or well-intended. At the end, researching and filtering the information, with all sorts of opinions, may bring even more doubts. Fund houses and property agents also are not specialists on the Golden Visa application.

Why us? 

We, at The Golden Portugal, are keen to find out the answers to your questions, be it about the Golden visa in general or about a certain investment product, because this is how we build our knowledge bank. We work closely with our lawyers that specialise in Golden Visa and are able to find out answers timely from a professional. 

4. Find a knowledgable full solution consultant – someone who can take you from the beginning to the end 

For investors, it is always good to have a trusted partner that can help you in areas such as project management for your refurbishing property or property management to manage your rental. 

For those who plan to live here, wouldn’t it be great to have someone you know locally to guide you through the set up of your new life here, such as how to get your health number, exchange your driver license and the available school options for your kids and so on.

Why Us?

A full solution immigration consultant can take care of all things on Portugal Golden Visa application

In essence, here are the things The Golden Portugal will help you deal with:

  • applying for NIF (tax identification number)
  • be your tax representative, apply for your password at the Financas, etc
  • Introduction to bank account opening and a relationship manager (experienced in managing GV applicants needs)
  • Different investment routes and different investment options
  • guidance on documents preparation
  • Introduction to a lawyer with great experience in the Portuguese Golden Visa program 
  • contractor or designer for home refurbishment, 
  • project management on refurbishment projects
  • property management
  • short or long term rental
  • sale of property
  • tax filing and accounting services
  • company set up, acquisition, restructuring services
  • home insurance or health insurance

5. Choose a consultant that has a clear and fair fee structure

Last but not least, this may be one of the biggest reason where people may shy away from a immigration consultant, thinking they may charge an exaggerated rate. Some also are afraid of paying inflated fees for the purchase of a property or fund. In reality, the fees vary greatly depending on the country of the immigration consultant. In general, fees are much higher for immigration consultants in overseas countries than the ones that are located in Portugal, for several reasons – the general cost of living and wages may be higher; or there maybe several level of intermediaries or agents.  

Why us? 

At The Golden Portugal, we charge a nominal package fee for a family and no additional fees on investments. We will also help you to pay less for other services you’ll eventually need.

In a nutshell, here are the 5 reasons why hiring a professional Portugal immigration consultant would benefit you:

How a good Portugal immigration consultant can save you a lot of time in your Portugal Golden Visa application

1. Save Time and Money 

A consultant charges a fee for their service, but in the end, they save you time and money. For example, applying to the wrong visa category delays your application for months. Minor mistakes on your visa application carry financial costs, not to mention the possibility of needing to start the process over.

2. Ease of Communication with the Government 

Intimidated by the idea of speaking to a government official? If you look for professional help after trying the process on your own, you know the frustration involved with a call to any visa office.c Reaching someone who is willing and able to speak to you and give you thorough answers is a task on its own.

3. Provide Personal Attention 

If you get married or divorced, have a child, or change your occupation, you will need help evaluating how these changes might impact your application. Should an immigration policy change, someone will work with you to ensure your success.

4. Dealing With Road Blocks 

If a problem arises with documents, payments or processes you’ll need help sorting these road blocks out for you and prevent or resolve any issues that arise in the immigration process.

5. Overseeing your application 

You should have professionals evaluating your case. If they determine your case could see a successful application, they’ll oversee the process. Above all, hiring us provides you with peace of mind. A company like The Golden Portugal works for you to ensure accuracy in your application.

We know who to call and how to reach them. We represent you throughout the application process. If your circumstances change, we’ll work things out with you. Our consultants handle all cases with personal care and they uphold your confidential information.

Summing up, don’t waste precious time and money. Hire us today to assist you in your application process.

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